Side Business Ideas For Women In 2024

Are you looking to make extra money? Starting a new small business requires lots of capital or time commitment. The truth is that with today’s technology, it is easier than ever before to start your own home-based business on the side.

We’ve all heard about the fantastic success stories of ladies who have turned their hobbies into full-time businesses. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have a hobby that can be easily monetized.

Women have so many talents and abilities. Aside from giving birth, they are also good mothers loving wives, and can put a smile on everyone’s face. However, in this era of competition where the world is forcing everyone to work all together for a living, choosing a side business would be perfect for them.

We have drawn up a list of select side business ideas for women.

Baking and Cooking

side business ideas for women

If your friends and family say wow to your baking and cooking skills each time, it is time to walk down the business lane. Try this by making cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cakes, bread, etc. You can offer these to small eateries in the neighbourhood or local restaurants. You can bake and cook your goods at home, make good packaging, and save some money for stocks of raw materials (eggs, sugar, baking powder, etc.). Advertise on social media or Yellow Pages, give discounts to new customers, deliver products by bike or car (if light), and earn between 50% to 100% from each product they sell.

Floral Arrangement and Flower Decorations

Floral arrangements need no longer be limited to the home alone. Now’s an opportune time to turn it into a business. Floral arrangements and flower decorations are indeed very profitable side businesses for women.

side business ideas for women

You must learn the basics of floral design and what kind of flowers look good together. You can also enhance your business by selling decorative items such as small vases, big vases made from wood, ceramic, or glass (varying price according to quality and designs), bows, and ribbons for wrapping around stems, etc.


If you have an excellent talent for web design, content writing, graphic designing, or know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator well enough; then it would be best to become a freelance worker. This is one of the best side business ideas for women.

side business ideas for women

You can start your websites or blogs and market yourself on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can create a personal website with a portfolio of your works. You can give out a free web design in exchange for a testimonial and then charge for future web designs afterward.

Home Daycare Provider

side business ideas for women

You have the patience to care for children, so why not become a home daycare provider? Not only will you get paid for each day, but you can also ask for small allowances from your parents. You have to consider the safety of the children entrusted to you and keep a detailed attendance record (in case you get audited).

Pet Grooming and Pet Boarding Business

Do you love pets? Then pet grooming and boarding business might be your perfect side business. People love their pets and would surely want them to be clean while they are away at work. This is why this kind of business is profitable in many people’s eyes. A little research is needed about grooming techniques and what materials to use when bathing or brushing pets’ fur. You can also offer a pet boarding service by providing a space for pets at home or in a rented area, feeding them every day, and cleaning their cages daily, weekly, monthly, etc., depending on the number of pets you have.

Registered Nurse Recruiter

So many nurses want to work abroad because of better pay. However, not all of them can get a job because only a few recruitment agencies help them find a suitable one. If you have connections with big companies or hospitals abroad, this is one of the best business ideas for ladies worth considering. You have to be kind and trustworthy enough to connect with a recruiter from another country. Receive resumes from nurses who want to work abroad, interview with these candidates, vet them based on the recruiter’s requirements (e.g., experience, qualifications, skills), and pass over good candidates to the recruiter for their review.

Social Media Consultant side business ideas for women

side business ideas for women

Many people would love to have their own business, but they can’t do it because they lack experience and expertise. In this case, a social media consultant is their best solution. They can hire a social media consultant to handle their accounts or consult with them to learn what posts would be good enough to get more “likes” and “followers.” They have to avoid looking spammy or too promotional.

Travel Agent

If you love traveling, then why make it your side business? You only need proper training on handling travel arrangements, plus knowledge about the destinations where clients want to go (e.g., how to get there, which hotels are good for them, etc.)

Consultant for Business Etiquette and Professional Image

Many people are out there who need to learn what’s appropriate in business or social settings. Some even do business without proper etiquette and lose clients because of the poor image they give out. This is why a consultant for business etiquette and professional image is needed. In addition, you can offer free consultations to companies, institutions, government officials, etc., to improve your public relations and reduce the number of complaints from clients.

Interior Designer side business ideas for women

side business ideas for women

Many people would love a home but need more budget. So they look for the cheapest way to beautify their homes, one of them is having an interior designer. You can create a website or blog where potential clients could ask for help for free for an initial consultation, then move on to asking fees, if ever. This business idea is best done with another side, business-like fashion design or lifestyle blogger. Besides interior designing, clients might also ask for fashion and beauty tips.


Ladies, if you are passionate about any of the listed side business ideas, consider making them full-time using Dropshipping or Affiliate marketing. Then, you have to create your website or blog to promote the products without buying them. You can earn as much as the product’s selling price plus the profit margin without spending anything except hosting, domain registration fees, and necessities.

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